Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Multitudes on Monday on Wednesday :)

This song is my prayer. I would sing it if I could. I can't, so I will show you the Youtube video of someone who CAN sing. :)

I'm getting ready to attend the MassHope Homeschooling Convention on Friday and Saturday. I am leaving tomorrow night with 3 other friends are am looking forward to learn ways to make homeschooling fun...for next year. Ahem! My goal is finish this year strong. We have about 24 days left(but who's counting?) and then the planning begins. I love to plan so don't feel bad for me.

I missed my update on Monday as I was preparing for a funeral out of town. I have been adding to my one thousand gifts lift and wanted to share a couple here:

107. Grace that knows no end
108. Choosing worship over worry
109. Intimate fellowship
110. No sweeter name than the name of Jesus
111. Praying for my husband over the phone
112. Faith-mustard seed size
113. Overflowing peace
114. Warrior Prayers (thanks, Brooke) :)
115. Speaking the Word outloud
116. Learning to trust
117. Crown of Thorns
118. Kindness that leads to repentance
119. Redemption (thank you, Jesus) :)
120. Personal Revival
121. Open hearts
122. Unity
123. The passion of the Christ, our Lord
124. Ears to hear
125. A burning heart
126. To be ready in and out of season (thank you, Oswald Chambers) :)
127. Responding to who He is

God is so faithful and I love living for Him.

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