Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Piano Man

Last night, after many months of hard work, Brandon had his first ever piano recital. He was scheduled to go second out of fifteen performers. At the last second, the first student had a bad case of stage fright. Bless her heart. My sister-in-law, Donna (and also his piano teacher) asked him if he would be willing to go first. He stood right up, smiled and said yes. I was so proud of him. So brave!

He gets to the piano and immediately starts looking around and fear sets in. Then I hear, "the piano isn't on". Donna runs to the rescue and apparently it was turned off after the last person warmed up. Whoops!

He played the first two songs with ease and pure joy. I mean, how cute are these song names: The Juggler and The Haunted Mouse! I was snapping photos like crazy! He final song was a duet with his teacher/Aunt (Trampoline Tumble) and I just love the expression on his little angelic face. All of those Monday lessons and daily practices paid off. After his duet, he stood up and took a bow. What a guy!

Everyone came up to me after the show to comment on how precious he is. I think they are SO right.

PS He even missed his baseball game for this event. That's huge! LOL