Monday, September 12, 2011


Ten years ago on September 11, 2001 I was 3 months pregnant with my son Brandon and I was sitting in my office at UNUM when a co-worker came in and asked me if I heard what happened, I said no and then when he told me I just looked at him in utter disbelief. I remember they sent me home from work to rest because my inlaws lived dangerously close to ground zero and we hadn't heard from them. Thankfully, we were able to get in touch with them and find out they were ok and I remember just watching Fox News for the remainder of the day and praying for mercy.

It's crazy to think that 10 years ago it was just me and my husband living here in our home. No babies, no homeschooling, no nothing to consume my time, well except for my job. LOL Fast forward 10 years, we have 2 boys, homeschooling, and the busyness of life is upon us but I'm reminded that life is not an emergency. It's something to be savored. (Thanks Ann Vos Kamp!) :)

And so it's been a few weeks since I've been adding to my 1000 gifts list and I think today is a good day to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for.

560. The wisdom of God
561. Heart to heart talks
562. Restoration
563. New beginnings
564. Communion with God
565. The will of God
566. The cross of Christ
567. Identification with the Lord Jesus Christ
568. Farmers markets
569. Fresh basil from the garden
570. Garden tomatoes
571. Tomato, Basil & fresh mozzarella salad
572. Cute patio furniture
573. Swimming with my niece Meredith
574. Coloring with the kids
575. Being in Vermont with family
576. Prayer-perfect and complete oneness with God
577. Supernatural sense
578. Human dependence upon Jesus Christ
579. Yard sales
580. Vacation
581. Making time
582. How quickly time passes
583. The preciousness of others