Monday, October 18, 2010

I can and I will!

Today I am using my authority and taking a day off from homeschool! YAY! We started school 34 days ago and haven't taken one day off. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I was gone all weekend photographing weddings with my dear friends from Cunningham Photography ( We had such a great time but honey, I'm tired and have a long list of things to get caught up on today.

Like what? Well, I did most of my laundry yesterday so today I have ironing, of course! Everyone knows how much I love ironing! Call me crazy, but you get instant results! :) I also have to clean the fridge, wash the kitchen floor, clean the bathroom, livingroom, bedrooms and the downstairs. Jordan requested a playdate today with my mom so she is picking him up in a few minutes. Brandon is going to hang out here with me and have some uninterupted play time. I've got to take him to piano lessons this afternoon and also go to bank and make a deposit and go to Town and Country to close out an account we no longer use as well as go to the Post Office and mail out a belated birthday gift. Niccccccccccccccccccceeeee. You know what, though? I love cleaning my home. I find such peace in it. I love order and having a place for everything. I just have to look past the exposed window trim and missing curtains for a couple of months while we have our new windows and siding installed. Praise the Lord for new windows and siding!

Tonight, my husband has band practice at church so it'll be me and boys hanging out at home. I've got to plan my lessons for the next month of school and do some homework for my Daniel study and then watch the Yankees game at 8. I mean, we do have our priorities, afterall! LOL

Did I mention I need to workout today too? Well, I do. I'll remind myself what I say to my boys, "I can and I will!"

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  1. Love it! Izzy has been saying "I can do ALL things, through Christ who strengthens me!" Even when I ask him to clean his room. lol